About us


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why choose us?

We are a company that has been involved in distributing fruit and vegetables across America. We employ over 100 employees and we work with over 2,000 farmers in all US states. Our company has been for over three generations , always taking care of the highest possible quality of our crops , so you can fully enjoy our products.

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why we’re different?

In contrast to our competitors, most appreciate the quality of our products. After a same crop of vegetables and fruits we are also involved in their distribution so you do not care about until the delivery to the store. In addition, we do not stop only on what we already have , but also experimenting with new varieties even hard available in our climate.

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what to expect?

After our fruits and vegetables you can expect only the same advantages. Our products are genetically enriched with extra doses of vitamins so that your body will always have supplied the correct dose of vitamins. You can expect also that every day we get better at what we do.